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Nitrogen NCalcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

17.06.2024by admin

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

Calcium containing nitrogen fertiliser. Widely accepted safety standard among high-nitrogen fertilisers.


– Due to calcium carbonate content doesn’t increase soil acidity;

– Contains nitrogen in both ammoniacal and nitric forms in equal parts to provide plant nutrition over a long period of time;

– Calcium contributes to the development of a root system, increases plant resistance to damaging pests and diseases;

– Suitable for all crops and all soil types;

– Easy storage and application due to excellent physicochemical properties;

– Suitable both for straight application and bulk blending.


Appearance Greyish-white granules
Total nitrogen (N), % 27
of which
nitric N, % 13.5
ammoniacal N, % 13.5
Calcium (on CaO basis), % 12
Calcium nitrate content, % 1
Granulometric composition, %
under 1 mm, max 1
2–5 mm, min 95
over 6.3 mm 0
Friability, % 100

Packaging and storage

– in bulk
– big-bags (500, 1000 kg)

Store in dry isolated place, away from exposure to direct sunlight.


For further information on specifications, terms and pricing, please contact our sales team at Crystal Element, Inc.

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