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Birch plywood

bereza0A common hardwood species used for plywood production is birch. The birch plywood board is classified as one of the most popular types of plywood due to its superior mechanical properties and beautiful appearance. Birch plywood can be used for interior and exterior applications. In the plywood production process, the birch logs need to be straight with a specific dimension. Only 50% of the birch log is utilized during the production process. The core of the birch log cannot be used and therefore waste products are usually sold to other wood working industries. The advantage of birch is its fast rate of growth (30-35 years) compared to other wood species.





lumber_sn-300x226Pine is used worldwide for high-quality furniture, interior lining products as well as industrial construction. Pine lumber is dried and graded using a combination of state-of-the-art technology. Pine is a straight-trunked coniferous tree with no branches on the lower third of the trunk. It usually grows in a light, dry place or in a soil low in nutrients. Pine is easy to work and has clearly distinguishable darker heartwood and yellowish or reddish white sapwood. Also, pine has very good properties when it comes to moisture and heat.




lumber_el-300x226Spruce is a slow growing and straight coniferous tree with dense branches. The wood is yellowish white with no clear difference between the heartwood and sapwood. Growth rings are clearly visible in the wood. Spruce is dense and hard and therefore an excellent material for load-bearing structures and exterior linings. Spruce is easily workable and its properties make it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.




lumber_sl2-300x226Siberian larch is a durable material for construction and interior decoration. Larch is an ecological alternative; it is wear- and rot-resistant without wood preservatives. The most popular end uses are exterior cladding boards as well as garden furniture and constructions. It is an ecological and healthy choice for wooden garden constructions, because the amount and quality of extractives it contains, make it naturally resistant to rot. Larch is a very beautiful wood material. Its dense grains and beautiful red-brown color are aptly suited for end uses that require personality and durability. The wood is characterized by a strong contrast between heartwood and sapwood. The heartwood’s red-brown color differs clearly from the light, brownish sapwood.