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Nitrogen NAmmonium sulphate NS 21:24

17.06.2024by admin

Ammonium sulphate NS 21:24

Ammonium sulphate NS 21:24

Granular nitrogen fertiliser with high sulfur content suitable for all soils and crops.


Contains ammonium nitrogen resistant to leaching and highly digestible sulfur in a water-soluble sulfate form. An optimal fertiliser for main application. Also suitable for supplemental root feeding of winter crops, hayfields and pastures, oilseeds, cabbages, and crops with high demand for sulfur. Reduces the loss of nitrogen on light-textured soils from leaching. Highly efficient on soils with a low content of mobile sulfur. Basal application will be effective in the no leaching water regime.


Mass fraction of total nitrogen (N) 21%
mass fraction of ammonium nitrogen 21%
Mass fraction of sulfur (S) in terms of dry matter 24%
Particle size distribution, %
Mass fraction of granules, mm
sized under 1 mm, max 3
sized 1-4 mm, min 80
sized over 6 mm 0
Friability 100%

Packaging and storage

– in bulk
– big-bags (500, 1000 kg)


For further information on specifications, terms and pricing, please contact our sales team at Crystal Element, Inc.

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