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NPKNPK 19:4:19

19.06.2024by admin

NPK 19:4:19

NPK 19:4:19

Granular complex NPK fertiliser with high nitrogen and potassium content.


Has a balanced nitrogen source, containing both forms of nitrogen (nitrate and ammonium). A nitrate form is essential to nutrition of fast-growing crops and ensures good root development, while the ammonium form is important to maintain a stable supply of nitrogen.

With its consistent nutrient composition in each granule, this complex NPK fertiliser ensures uniform distribution of all nutrients across the field.

Optimal for soils with a high phosphorus content.

Recommended for perennial crops, fruit, coffee, cocoa, sugarcane, vegetables.

Suitable for top-dressing during inter-row tillage.


Mass fraction of total nitrogen (N) 19%
mass fraction of ammonium nitrogen 10%
mass fraction of nitrate nitrogen 9%
Mass fraction of total phosphates in terms of P₂O₅ 4%
Mass fraction of digestible phosphates in terms of P₂O₅, min 4%
Mass fraction of potassium in terms of K₂O 19%
Particle size distribution
Mass fraction of granules
sized under 1 mm, max 3%
sized 1-5 mm, min 90%
sized over 6.3 mm 0%
Friability 100%

Packaging and storage

– in bulk
– big-bags (500, 1000 kg)


For further information on specifications, terms and pricing, please contact our sales team at Crystal Element, Inc.

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