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Oriented Strand Board

About product

To produce oriented strand board, timber is sliced into long chips called strands. These are laid in three or four perpendicular layers and bonded using ECO resin. The result is a strong board that resists moisture, giving it a high load capacity.

OSB panels are available in two edge types:

• Square edge OSB panels
• T&G OSB panels

The T&G (tongue & groove) board type ensures easy and fast assembly and substantially reduces installation costs. The usage of T&G OSB-3 boards increases thermal and sound insulating performance by several times due to the limited air and sound penetration through panel joints.

OSB Usage:

• sheathing of interior and exterior walls. OSB panels can be used with all types of interior and exterior finishing materials
• roof sheathing, high stiffness and ability to withstand significant snow and wind loads allow to use OSB panels as an underlayment for shingles, concrete and metal tiling, slating and other roofing materials
• I-joists – supporting floor and wall structures in timber houses
• Manufacturing of SIP panels consisting of two outer OSB layers and a core polystyrene foam layer
• subfloor, floor repair.
• flooring furniture –frames of upholstered furniture, chairs, cabinet furniture, home built-in furniture (coat closets, shelvi units wall wardrobes)
• stairs, landings, scaffoldings
• temporary construction site fencing, coverings for structural openings (windows, doors)
• shipping crates and pallets, shelving units, exhibition stands, furniture shelves, shop counters, table tops, bill boards;
• partition walls for ships and railcars
• structures for auto vehicles, trailer floorings and truck bodies

OSB characteristics:

• Environmentally safe
• Dimensional stability, homogenous structure
• Absence of defects (checks, voids, chippings)
• High bending strength and high elasticity
• Smooth and solid surface
• Durability
• Easy cutting, processing and usage
• High fasteners withdrawal resistance
• High sound insulation (sound absorption) performance
• Low thermal conductivity
• High abrasion resistance
• Uniform structure
• Light weight
• Suitable for humid conditions
• Rot and fungi resistant
• High fire resistance


Size, length x width: 2440 x 1220 mm (4×8), 2500 x 1250 mm (4×8)
Thickness: 8 — 22 mm (⅜ — ¾ inch)
Grade: OSB-3




For further information on specifications, terms and pricing, please contact our sales team at Crystal Element, Inc.

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